‘My Friend Dahmer’ Trailer Casts Shadow on Serial Killer’s Formative Years

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Finally, something that looks creepy and good and not tacky at all.

Two nights ago (July 22), New Trailer Buzz released its first official trailer for My Friend Dahmer, a film based on American cartoonist John “Derf” Backderf‘s 2002 graphic novel of the same title, which chronicles the author’s teenage friendship with soon-to-be serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

In the trailer, we get an eerie preview into Dahmer’s (portrayed by Disney star Ross Lynch) rather tormented formative years, congested with bullies, possible drug/alcohol abuse and troubled domestic life with an absentee father figure. Despite therapy, Dahmer seems unlikely to emerge from his social slump and leans towards an uncanny fascination with dissecting animal cadavers in his basement. At first glance, it’s creepy as fuck; an innocuous obsession that, extremely, onsets Dahmer’s other proclivity: dismembering humans. And well, you should know the rest.

my friend dahmer trailer cast shadow on jeffrey dahmer past
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While this isn’t the first time Dahmer’s life has been recounted in cinema (there are several other docu-flicks on the notorious murderer already), Backderf’s interpretation, by far, is most intriguing in that it’s the first I’ve known so far to give more than a split-second insight into Dahmer’s high school years. At least as thoroughly.

Considering Lynch’s previous involvement with Disney, it’s pretty honorable of the actor to take on the role of a role like this. I’m almost positive he was criticized for his decision, but if you ask me, it’s a respectable first step out of Mickey Mouse’s shadow. And telling from the trailer alone, Lynch’s portrayal of Dahmer from what I can see is conceivable at most. Lynch seems to have a handle on the eccentric awkwardness that’s so often been associated with the murderer’s character, and this is only a preview of what’s to come. I can only imagine how this will play out once it hits theaters. (I’m crossing my fingers for good reception, of course.)

Even better, after its premiere at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in April, the film was picked up by FilmRise for distribution, with a rumored fall release.

Needless to say, I’m so ready for this one!

What are your thoughts on the trailer for My Friend Dahmer?

Do you think Lynch was the right pick for the part?

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