Sophia Amoruso’s New Memoir-Inspired ‘Girlboss’ Hits Netflix This April

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Update 4/4: The official Girlboss trailer is here!

Sick of television shows sidelining “the flawed woman,” Sophia Amoruso scratched her own blueprint. The finished product: a new television series based on Amoruso’s 2014 memoir, #Girlboss, proving Netflix strikes gold (once again).

Last Wednesday (February 8), Netflix revealed a 27-second preview for the upcoming series, Girlboss, which records Amoruso’s real-life journey to becoming the founder of a multi-million dollar fashion brand.

The show will chronicle a 22-year-old socially inept Amoruso (played by The Longest Rides Britt Robertson), who, after selling vintage clothing items on eBay, eventually finds self-made success in creating her own fashion brand, Nasty Gal, inspired by iconic funk singer Betty Davis’ 1975 album of the same name.

sophia amoruso girlboss netflix tv series airs april 2017

In May 2014, Amoruso published her autobiography of the same name, from which the 13-episode Netflix series is adapted.

Two years later, Netflix sealed the deal and ordered the rights to turn the mogul’s memoir into a rags-to-riches series. According to Variety, the new show will be spearheaded by Pitch Perfect 2’s Kay Cannon, with Amoruso and actress Charlize Theron in place to executive produce.

“It felt like every story was about a flawed man,” Amoruso told The Verge, “which is totally fine. But I was really starving to create a story about a woman.”

Telling by the punky, yet spunky trailer above, Girlboss could very well turn out to be the next Girls if worked out properly. And just in time for summer, too! Looks like Netflix will be getting all of our money this year.

Girlboss will see the small screen April 21.

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