We All Fall Down, Natalie D. Richards: Book Review

A fateful night they won't be able to forget.

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We All Fall Down Book Cover We All Fall Down
Natalie D. Richards
Young Adult

Theo's always been impulsive. But telling Paige how he feels? He's obsessed over that decision. And it's time. Tonight. At the party on the riverbank, under the old walking bridge, site of so many tales of love and death.

Paige has had a crush on Theo since they first met, but she knows her feelings are one-sided. She's trying to move on, to flirt. A party at the river is just what she needs. Except a fight breaks out, and when Paige tries to intervene--Theo's fist lands in her face.

All Theo and Paige want to do is forget that fateful night. But strange events keep drawing them back to the bridge. Someone, something is determined to make them remember...and pay for what they each did.

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Natalie D. RichardsWe All Fall Down is a haunting tale about two people who want to forget about their unfortunate night together. Sadly, this is easier said than done.

Theo is a reckless human being. But lately, the one thing he wants to do is tell Paige how he truly feels about her. He’s become obsessed with telling her actually. He plans on telling her at a party on the riverbank. At the riverbank, there is a walking bridge where there have been tales of love and death, and Theo feels as if this would be the perfect spot to talk to Paige about his feelings.

Paige has always had a crush on Theo, but she feels as if Theo does not have feelings for her. So her goal at the party on the riverbank is to flirt with as many guys as possible, so she can get over Theo. But at the party, a fight breaks out in front of her. Paige goes in to try to stop it, but while she was intervening Theo accidentally punches her in the face.

After this fateful night, Theo and Paige want to forget everything that had gone down. But bizarre things start to happen to both of them, and they are somewhat connected to the bridge where everything transpired. Theo and Paige feel as if something is trying to get them to remember what happened that night, and this something wants them to pay for it.

“I know I’ve had enough of this bridge for one night. What I don’t know is that the bridge hasn’t had nearly enough of me.”

-excerpt from Natalie D. Richards’s We All Fall Down

I loved the suspense of this novel. This book reminded me of the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” This movie was about teenagers accidentally hitting someone on the side of the road and then trying to forget about it, but someone keeps sending them letters saying they know what they did last summer. This book has the same vibe as that because someone or something is sending Theo and Paige clues about how they know what happened on the bridge, and how they plan on making them pay for it.

I recommend this to anyone who loved young adult thrillers. I loved how Richards had Theo and Paige’s perspectives in the book because it helped me see what happened on the bridge, and the repercussions it had on both of them.

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