Weave a Murderous Web, Anne Rothman-Hicks, Kenneth Hicks: Book Review

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Weave a Murderous Web Book Cover Weave a Murderous Web
Anne Rothman-Hicks, Ken Hicks
Melange Books
February 6, 2016

Jane Larson, a hot-shot litigator for a large law firm in New York City, is sucked into an unfamiliar world of divorce and child support when she helps out a friend. Jane's discovery of the deadbeat dad's stash of money soon unravels a web of lies, drugs, and criminal activity that keeps getting more dangerous. Soon, Jane is involved in a high stakes race to recover a missing suitcase of cash and catch the murderer before she becomes the next victim.

Special thanks to Melange Books for allowing us to review Anne Rothman-Hicks and Kenneth Hicks’ Weave a Murderous Web.

Despite its rather short length when compared to other mystery novels, the husband-wife duo of Anne Rothman-Hicks and Kenneth Hicks managed to create a fast-paced and thrilling mystery novel with an unexpected twist in Weave a Murderous Web. With incredible detail and suspenseful twists in every chapter, Weave a Murderous Web was a delightfully unexpected read that kept me on edge the entire way through. Following up and coming litigator, Jane Larson, who slowly transforms into a detective figure, the Rothman-Hicks team takes the mystery genre to a new level through an unexpected lead who will capture your interest and your heart.

Jane Larson, a successful New York litigator, finds herself taking on a case at the request of a long-time friend, Francine. At first, Jane is aware that something strange is going on, as her client, Gail is a little unusual. Going in, Jane never thought that she would be swept up in a complex case involving crime, drugs, and romance. As those involved in the case begin to die one by one, Jane slowly finds herself in a very dangerous situation. Full of varied characters, false leads and unexpected twists, Weave a Murderous Web is a complicated mystery novel that will keep you on your toes at all times.

While I was interested in how Jane becomes involved in a web of lies and murder, I initially did not know what to think about the writing style of the novel. In the beginning, things were a little inconsistent in terms of writing quality. I found myself nitpicking little things. While the amount of detail in the novel is absolutely incredible, sometimes it felt like there was almost too much detail.

Although the use of varied literary techniques to describe a character or scene are a wonderful touch, personally, I felt there to be too many details going on where descriptions were concerned. As someone who is very attentive to the little details in character description and surroundings, I found the large amount of detail given to be too much to take in, as lengthy and detailed descriptions were often enhanced with metaphors and similes very early on in the book and these types of descriptions often appeared back to back when describing a new character. Despite the initial sensory overload, the writing gradually improved, which fit in quite well with the growth that occurs in Jane’s character as the dangerous events of the novel unfold.

One of the wonderful things about Weave a Murderous Web was the realistic nature of the setting. It’s immediately obvious from the level of detail that the Rothman-Hicks pair has lived in New York City for a good portion of their lives. In addition to city life being depicted perfectly, the detail given to the landmarks, streets and diverse occupants of New York was a welcome addition that immediately made the setting of the novel relatable.

On the topic of relatability, Jane Larson was a great character. Not only is she a strong female lead, but her attitude brought the novel together. Hard-working and strong, Jane isn’t afraid to take anyone’s shit. In fact, she often speaks her mind and does things her own way. Instead of relying on others, she often takes matters into her own hands, even if it means putting herself in danger. I found that it was easy to sympathize with Jane as well, despite her tough exterior. Underneath it all, she wants to be accepted and loved as much as everyone else does.

It’s interesting to note that while Jane is a litigator in New York who is well respected in her law office, she takes on the role of an unexpected detective as the novel progresses. Jane’s dual role as a litigator/detective brought a great deal of depth to the novel as a whole, which is told from her perspective. I found myself not only interested in her job but interested in her role within the unfolding web of lies, crime, and murder presented throughout the novel. Who would have thought to go in that a small time court case would transform into an action packed race for survival at the hands of an unknown and unexpected killer?

Weave a Murderous Web is ultimately a complex mystery novel that weaves together a number of multi-faceted layers to create a unique work of crime fiction. The Rothman-Hicks duo manages to create a well-balanced story that incorporates elements of action-packed drama and intense romance that have the reader constantly questioning who did what and why. Underneath all of the layers of detective work and crime that keep the reader alert at all times and suspecting almost every character in the murderous web that unfolds, there is a relatable character whose personal life you can’t help but become involved in. Full of distractions, plot twists, and false leads, Weave a Murderous Web was a great mystery novel that had me fooled the entire time.

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