Brooklyn Book Club to Host Writers’ Festival in Honor of Black Girl Magic

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Well-Read Black Girl is hosting its first writers’ festival, and you’re all invited.

Founder Glory Edim‘s most recent endeavor for her Brooklyn-based book club is proof there’s no such thing as too much black girl magic. Coming this fall, WRBG will commence its very own Writers’ Conference & Festival. (Also, if the name Glory Edim rings a bell on our site, it’s probaby because she was one of Book of the Month Club‘s guest judges this year.)

With intentions to “address the dire need to create empowering communal spaces for Black women in literature,” the event is being endorsed by Kickstarter, with a pledge of $15,000. Miraculously, the fundraiser exceeded its aim in less than 72 hours, receiving well over $23,000 in donations. (Now that’s what I call magic!) The proceeds of which will go towards hiring instructors, venue and production expenses, and providing honorariums for guest speakers.

Since its inception in 2015, Edim and her teamβ€”consisting of book editor Carla Bruce-Eddings, publishing advisor Ebony LaDelle, and online editor Dianca London Pottsβ€”have pledged to make WRBG a citizenry of black celebration and sisterhood. Radiating with color, in more ways than one, the club’s continued efforts to increase the voice and visibility of black women writers have led to several sit downs with noted contemporaries like Margo Jefferson (Negroland), to Yaa Gyasi (Homegoing), to Nicole Dennis-Benn (Here Comes the Sun).

The gala is expected to be held in two parts: as a festival and conference.

Entry passes to the former will cost attendees $25 and will take place from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m, and will feature appearances by Tayari Jones, LaShonda Barnett, Tiphanie Yanique and more writers.

Albeit limited, guests may also purchase an all-day access pass for upwards of $100 (early bird special) to $150 for general admission costs. Those who attend the conference will be able to speak with fellow writers, publishing house editors and industry professionals, as well as participate in writing workshops to hone their craft.

Home to over 20,000 book lovers across social media, WRBG has become an inspiration to readers and people of color alike. As a person of color myself, it is especially endearing to know there are fun, creative literary spaces that emphasize our melanin-infused intellectuals. Although I’ve only just started following the organization this year, I am so grateful to Edim for bringing such an awesome concept to fruition.

Not to mention, have you seen all the cool rewards they’re giving out at the function? WRBG will be offering customized merch during the event as well, from Toni Morrison-inspired shirts and totes, to trendy pins that make perfect apparel accessories.

Check out some of the club’s fancy merchandise below.

well read black girl festival conference
Kickstarter (Well-Read Black Girl)
well read black girl festival conference
Kickstarter (Well-Read Black Girl)
well read black girl festival conference
Kickstarter (Well-Read Black Girl)
In addition to the cool perks and rewards, a special concert will be sponsored by Rest in Beats afterwards, free of charge to attendees. The Writers’ Conference and Festival is expected to be held on September 9, 2017 in Brooklyn, New York.

You can learn more information about Well-Read Black Girl here, and learn how you can support or make a ticket purchase on their Kickstarter page.

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