What We Loved In October 2018: From Expensive-A** Record Players To ‘Drag Race’-Inspired Doll Books

Cash rules — and ruins — everything around us.

What We Loved This Month October 2018

Books are amazing — they’re more than amazing, to be precise — but they aren’t always the thing that occupies our time every day. Sometimes, by the fortune of luck or bad decisions, we splurge or binge on something else — often with regret, but who cares?!

Our What We Loved feature is committed to sharing our favorite things each month. See which things topped as our favorites for October, below.

What We Loved This Month October 2018 RuPaul Drag Race Paper Doll Book

What Rachel Gonzalez Loved in October 2018: RuPaul’s Drag Race Paper Doll Book

RuPaul’s Drag Race is one of my top five favorite things, and know that I have a long wait ahead of me until the next season hurts—but these paper dolls definitely cushion that blow. Featuring 10 of RuPaul’s most popular contestants with two of their fiercest outfits each they’re like tiny pieces of cardstock art. No one could ever be too old to play with these dolls. (Amazon, $17.06)

What We Loved This Month October 2018 Crosley Switch II Record Player

What Paris Close Loved This Month: Crosley Switch II Record Player With Speakers

I bought this hella costly record player as a birthday gift to myself because my friends and family are cheap. I’m kidding but I’m also serious: ask anyone in my ilk and they’ll tell you I was out of my mind for cashing out for the sake of nostalgia — but guess what, I did and it was well worth every buck. Aside from the added Bluetooth capability, it’s been such a comfort to be able to play a record at the turn of a dial when I’m reading. (Amazon, $117.51)

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