Write for Paperback Paris: Become a Book Blogger

We’re always looking for more Book Bloggers!

Paperback Paris is made up of a close-knit community of eager writers, readers, and sometimes-testy introverts who are regularly nose-deep into their next book.

We’re always looking to welcome new voices, perspectives, and readers to our squad. While we’re excited to make more additions to our team, we are a bit particular about who we let sit with us. Our ideal writer is someone who can articulate their opinions (popular or otherwise), lead an open and confident dialogue on books they’ve read, are reading, or expected to read in the future.

With that being said…

Do you like to be left alone when you’re reading a book?

book blog jobs write for us paperbackparis

…do you get like this when a book is getting too good?!

book blog jobs write for us paperbackparis 

…is this your idea of the perfect relationship?!

book blog jobs write for us paperbackparis

…and are you prone to emotional meltdowns like these over a book’s SILLY ending?!

book blog jobs write for us paperbackparis

If any of those things apply to you, then you should write for us!

Our promise to you:

We promise to give our writers (or “Book Bloggers”) a creative space that reinforces the fundamental components needed for pursuing writing ventures with outside outlets. This means implementing search engine optimization (SEO) methods, article writing, and affording aspiring writers an opportunity to build their digital portfolio.

Most importantly, though, we want our writers to have a space to write work that’s fun and meaningful to them. Case in point: as long as you’re with us, you’ll always be accepted.

Our current role call:

Book Bloggers (6-month internship)

Duties include: Contributing at least two (2) articles/week or eight (8) articles/month to any of our verticals.

News Writers (contract)

Duties include: Contributing at least three (3) news articles/week or twelve (12) news articles/month concerning current book-related news topics. From new book releases to book adaptations to author news, we’re seeking someone who can churn out quick, sometimes witty news pieces throughout a given week. See some examples here.

List Writers (contract)

Duties include: Contributing at least three (3) book lists/week or twelve (12) book lists/month pertaining to current book-related lists or “listicles.” We love book themed lists, like 20 Books to Consider for Mom This Mother’s Day to 14 Suspense Books Goodreads Users Can’t Keep Quiet This Year to our monthly Paperback Previews.

Features Writers (contract)

Duties include: Contributing at least three (3) original feature stories/week or twelve (12) original feature stories/month on a subject of your choice, so long as it’s direct, focused and most of all underscored with a strong bookish opinion. Check out our Author Spotlight series and feature stories for inspiration.

*All positions at Paperback Paris are currently unpaid at this time.

The imperative bits:

  •  Be able to abide by our required contributing quotas.
  •  An intermediate understanding of SEO and WordPress (preferred).
  •  Moderate knowledge of current Associated Press writing guidelines.

Our pledge to you:

  • Your own personal byline: promised publication on all pre-approved articles.
  • Free books (occasionally): offers to receive ARCs in exchange for an honest review.
  • Total creative control: a creative space that encourages originality and open opinions.
  • Author interviews: chances to interview published authors, bloggers and content creators.
  • Write as much as you like: sounds like more work, and well, it is. Then again, the more work you submit, the more exposure and experience. Nonetheless, you will never be asked to provide more than what’s expected of your position.
**Per contractual agreement, writers are sanctioned to share work published on personal blogs under the caveat that links are provided to the article’s original posting on Paperback Paris.

In order to be considered for one of our writing positions, please fill out our application and e-mail us the following items with “Paperback Paris” as the subject header:

  • One (1) 600-word minimum review of a book of your choice.
  • Three (3) article pitches to any of our verticals: news, lists, reviews, interviews, TBRs, features, author spotlights, etc.