Write for Us

Paperback Paris is a close-knit community of writers, readers, and often testy introverts who, more likely than not, already nose-deep in their next book.

Here, we’re always seeking new voices, perspectives, and readers to join our squad. As excited as we are to welcome new additions to our team, we are a bit *ahem* particular about who we allow to sit with us. Our ideal writer is someone who can articulate their opinions (popular or otherwise) and is capable of leading open-minded and confident discussions on books they feel strongly about.

With that being said…

Like to be left alone with your book?

book blog jobs write for us paperbackparis

…are you prone to experience ALL THE FEELS when reading a good one?

book blog jobs write for us paperbackparis

….is this your idea of the perfect read-lationship?!

book blog jobs write for us paperbackparis

…and do you experience emotional meltdowns over SILLY book endings?!?!

book blog jobs write for us paperbackparis

If any of these things apply to you, then come write for us!!!

Our commitment to you:

We promise to provide each and every one of our writers a creative space that not only reinforces fundamental components required for continued writing ventures outside of Paperback Paris but also an unlimited platform to share thoughts, ideas, and opinions that are most important to you.

Most importantly, however, we hope to inspire group-driven content created by a community of readers, writers and content creators alike. In short, when you’re with us, you’ll always be accepted.

Our current roll call:

Book Contributors

This is a 6-month internship with potential for permanent promotion.

Location: Anywhere

What’s expected of contributors: (must able to provide at least 4 posts per month.)

  • Contribute original editorial content at least once a week.
  • An intermediate understanding of SEO and WordPress practices.
  • An interest in learning Associated Press writing and style guidelines.

Staff Writers

Location: Anywhere

What’s expected of contributors: (must able to provide at least 8 posts per month.)

  • Contribute at least four (4) articles weekly on days agreed upon with editor-in-chief.
  • Exhibit a rudimentary competency with Photoshop or alternate photo-editing software. (preferred, not required)
  • Assume editorial duties (editing, revising, providing feedback to contributing interns, etc.) as needed.
  • Arrange social posts on selected Paperback Paris social media accounts at least two (2) weekdays.
  • Self-edit and self-publish stories to ensure articles follow Paperback Paris writing and style standards denoted in the Staff Writers’ Guide.
  • Collaborate with editor-in-chief to warrant editorial content meets standards ahead of live publication.
*All listed positions at Paperback Paris are currently unpaid at this time.
What we look for in a contributor:
  • The ability to meet contributing quotas.
  • An interest in understanding SEO and WordPress practices.
  • A moderate knowledge of current Associated Press writing guidelines.
*The above criteria is preferred but not required for job consideration. We will train the right candidate!
Perks offered to contributors:
  • Your own personal byline: promised publication on all pre-approved articles.
  • Creative control: a creative space that encourages originality and open opinions.
  • Free books: we occasionally offer contributors free ARCs in exchange for an honest review.
Additional perks offered to Staff Writers:
  • A guarantee of up to four (4) ARC titles from our ARC directory each month.
  • Enhance social media skills, networking and implementing SEO tactics to develop a digital presence.
  • Compose, distribute and publish articles at your own editorial discretion with minimal clearance.
  • Opportunities to interview content creators/authors, to collaborate directly with publishing houses.
**Per contractual agreement, writers are sanctioned to share work published on their personal blogs under the caveat that links are provided to the article’s original posting on Paperback Paris.

How to apply for any of our available positions:

1) Complete our application form.

2) E-mail us a 250-word minimum review (we will count) and pitch at least three (3) article ideas to any of the verticals (news, culture, features, etc.) at Paperback Paris.